Secrets !

Want to let all of you in on some new things – My Travelogue of 6 days of SCOTTISH bliss is to follow soon . I also have just got done with 2 short stories for kids aged 3-6. S of PMS is going to finally start writing , it’s all about how is feels to be pregnant and much much more !

If all this isn’t enough I am now in love with a new ANIMAL ,it’s called a Highland COW and looks so cute it’s unbelievable , I saw this exotic looking variation to the domestic cow that I am so used to seeing in India ,lazily crossing busy roads outside the gates of I.I.T -Mumbai –Powai ,which is supremely traffic logged road and a HUGE bottleneck and a pain in the a*% ! Also my version of what a COW should look like was totally blown away when I saw this cute creature !sigh…. yes yes I have also got a soft toy with a cute Scottish hat but will upload that picture later as the ignoramus that I am I cannot yet figure out how to convert a 2 MB picture taken form my new camera purchased at Edinburgh a few seconds after reaching ,more out of necessity than anything !
So for now please make do with this picture I surfed off the net .

By M of PMS 🙂

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We are we still need to explain ?
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