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What I miss about INDIA the MOST ….sighhh!!!

Hey there ye all ! I have been meaning to write about this since yesterday but the idea has developed into a blossoming red rose in my mind and the beautiful light fragrance from it is now spilling out onto … Continue reading

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Newly Immigrated to the UK?

Ho ho ho, Hellow from your Local “just moved to UK …lost all initial enthu INDIAN who was SUPAH excited with her TIER 1 MIGRANT VISA” hey hey hey! (Obviosuly not anymore what with the new rules saying that only … Continue reading

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Red, Green & White !

NO, NO..not colours of Christmas, but the Coconut Chutneys our dear ‘S’ makes so efficiently..   the perfect Mallu that she is,  Chutney-making comes to her naturally and she has being very  kind  to share her absolutely tongue tingling recipes (and the secret formulae behind … Continue reading

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Tofu Parathas

First, my Oscar speech : “This recipe, or rather the series of recipes to follow is dedicated to all the amateur cooks in the world, who survive and thrive on kitchen accidents, of both pleasant and errr ….not-so-pleasant nature 😉 … Continue reading

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not again..

it is a really is..after a promise of being regular and not let this blog suffer the same fate as my last blogs (sigh…don’t even remind me of those 😦 ) , i again took a break… a long … Continue reading

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