Backache and FLAB :(

Hello to all our readers and followers and my dear P and very pregnant S ! Yes yes the STORK has visited and all that !!!
Ok now to come to the point , why was I away ? I was on vacation in Scotland with my hubby dearest and had a DREAMY vacation , all that a vacation is meant to be with a LOVE tiff and all that ! 🙂
But now that am back , my BACK is sore , it actually hurts so bad am considering doing YOGA at home to relieve the pain ! So to help me I will start with my usual stress reliving exercises I learnt when I had my slip disc about 3 months before my final exams while doing M.B.A ! They are life savers literally speaking .
I would to use this forum to personally thank all the good souls who post such yoga exercise videos on you tube and make life for an OVERWEIGHT flabby ,back and neck ache patient like me do some good without spending big bucks at a class or gym which I know for sure I will skip after a few enthusiastic first days !
Also kindly do not do any one these unless you know your safe and have informed your doctor and spoken to your family .
I started because I am now a scary 91 kilos in weight , morbidly obese and not healthy at all . Add to that a history of a weak spinal cord and stressed life in general , not to mention a family history of diabetes and many other scary things , I am a time bomb of diseases waiting to explode .
I have given up any hopes of being a size lower than 12 but at least would like to loose the tummy and have a strong spinal cord .
I have enrolled into a good gym and do yoga at home ,of course am lazy and miss gym often and even get too lazy to head for a walk . But the important thing is DO NOT GIVE UP , EVER …EVER !

Here are some helpfull links :

If you are in INDIA and in PUNE ,you are LUCKY , please head to IYENGAR Yoga , they give you a new spinal cord – well at least that what many have told me because the exercises are life savers !(Apparently there is an Iyengar Yoga institute in London as well ! golly me that’s news ,see this is why I love the web ,it really is now an indispensable part of our lives – like it or not – E-COMMERCE ki jai ho !)
If you are anywhere else in the world and have had a Slip Disc or a Spondilytis attack at some point in your life and especially if you are a female who has then had a baby and learnt something new about good health for the spinal cord and exercises pleas e, please do share your experiences and feedback . It always helps to know how others have coped , it allows us to draw strength from their success and not fear failure in our own endeavors however new we may be to the world of Yoga , exercise or good health pursuits in general !

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2 Responses to Backache and FLAB :(

  1. Castro says:

    You bring up many quite useful tips. Really worth a read through. I’ve sent the website through to friends

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