Labour of Love :)

I posted a weird post yesterday and  was informed by wordpress realised that it was our 49th post on this blog !! I was excited, so next is 50 ! yeah, the big 50 !! We have come this far at least *drum rolls please*, thank you 🙂

Well so I wanted to make this special, and since one special can only compliment the other special, here I am, putting something special for the big 50 !!!

Christmas is just 3 days away, and I am very very excited ! this is going to be the first major festival in AT’s side of family after our wedding..yeah, our first ‘married’ Christmas together 🙂  And I have been racking my brains for a really long time on what should an appropriate Christmas gift should be, no, not for AT, but for my In-laws who have been more than that to me. They are almost like my parents, and I feel loved and wanted and looked after by them 🙂  Also, they are slowly placing more trust in me, than their son (who is no good anyway ;p)

Ok husband bashing aside, so I had been thinking.

There really was nothing to gift…we have enough crockery at home ! enough showpieces…enough perfumes, enough books… both of them have enough clothes (and I recently gifted a dress material and a lucknowi saree to my MIL anyway).AT is buying shirts for daddy.                    

  I also did not just want a gift which was “only” money – I wanted to give them a gift which meant love, and thought. And consideration.

A few days ago (errrr,almost a year ago) , I had bought 2 sets of pillow covers which I intended to the house repainting a month ago, AT threw them off by mistake, so doing that up was out of my list automatically !   

I had the colours..and I had the creativity…and most importantly I had the will to make something and give them…the only thing I needed was an idea of doing something that can be done in such a short time ( I had less than 6 days with full workdays and cooking+ cleaning routine)                                     

And then, it struck a gold mine.. You know one of those wind chimes that you see on the road with the potters ? the big bells , which are made of baked clay and are in a pattern and tinkle every time breeze kisses them ? Yes, one of those is what I got home…the idea was to paint them in various colours, make it like a vibrant riot of colours…something that done with my own hands, something that can be used (or hung) instantly in our small garden back home in Pune. And I knew my In laws would appreciate it. So the coloured wind-chime it was 🙂

Below is what it looks like. I am pretty pleased with the results and hoping they would like it to. My first Christmas present to my acquired parents : my labour of genuine love 🙂

The rough draft : the first few steps later , this is how it looked..







The finished product..aaah,finally ! 🙂







Last glimpse : the Melange of colours and bells and balls 🙂








Fingers crossed ! Merry Christmas and a lovely Holiday season to all 🙂


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