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We are we still need to explain ?

There are always flowers for those who want to see them.- Henri Matisse quotes

Today, I am going to be positive and shout about it. Yes, despite of all that is going around. People closest to my heart are upset with me. I have offended them in ways, they have made an opinion about … Continue reading

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CHRISTMAS is here and i am veryyyyyyyy excited !! as informed to you dear reader (yes all 3 of you), this is going to be my (i.e P’s) first Christmas post marriage and this is the biggest festival at my husband’s side and … Continue reading

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Labour of Love :)

I posted a weird post yesterday and  was informed by wordpress realised that it was our 49th post on this blog !! I was excited, so next is 50 ! yeah, the big 50 !! We have come this far at … Continue reading

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Let me ?

Let me flow, i feel like a river…  Let me fly, i am a bird in flight… Let me blow, i have the lava inside… Let me be me, coz i love myself… Let me not be me, i want … Continue reading

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of that piece of wood..

When I was a kid who had to compulsorily write with pencils, I loathed them. Couldn’t wait to grow up and use Pens… Pen, the blue & black ink, the permanency of it , the authority that was associated with … Continue reading

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Should have…

  Kanpur, where I grew up…the years of infinite crushes on every other attractive male form, first love, many heartbreaks, the first kiss (a peck really !), the friendships, the betrayals, the making up, the breaking up, the sorrow of … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs – You inspire me ,for now and forEVER

I am sure that I am going to stop playing Farmville on Facebook soon I tell myself , All I need is a job , any job … these and many thoughts which assault my mind night after night and … Continue reading

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