of that piece of wood..

When I was a kid who had to compulsorily write with pencils, I loathed them. Couldn’t wait to grow up and use Pens…

Pen, the blue & black ink, the permanency of it , the authority that was associated with pen, was all too attractive for a 5th grader to not fall in love …and so, after class 7th, we were given the beauties to behold.

What joy was it, to write with something, that my naughty neighbour or evil bench partner could not erase…

I loved gel pens, hated ink pens, ball pens were convenient , sparkle pens were a rage…

I owned pens of all colours, inks and covers. In class, we traded pens for things like doing an assignment for somebody, or promising not to report one’s mischief to the teacher.

Pens were possessions, PARKER was a big brand name then.

Pencils were forgotten…


And then, that phase got over…schools finished, college started, and computers came into our life ..more like an avalanche, destructing everything that came in between…

Writing instruments now meant keyboard, dictionary meant spell check, blank papers meant msword docs…


And soon that phase of excitement got over too…

Computers entered and captured every corner of the life in such a way, that an escape became impossible !

College happened, and then work happened too…Initially the thought of ‘having a computer’ of  your own in the company premise made one feel important. Then the work load increased and monotony crept in and so did the realisation that this computer and msdoc is a pain.

Computers gave me a headache, I got myself a spectacle. From a friend, it became a bearable cubicle partner.


And then, after a few years, a friendly face on my work desk caught my eye…

Ohh, that old friend from childhood…that piece of wood, my first weapon (yeah, I once poked my sister’s arm so hard with it that drops of blood surfaced…needless to mention I got it in return 😦 )


I picked it up, and since then, it is there, with me,my steady companion..

Through boring meetings and terrible presentations…

When am fighting confusions in my head or writing ideas in mind…I doodle, I draw and don’t let the creative energy die…I am in love all over again..


I love my pencils 🙂


– P

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We are women...do we still need to explain ?
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