CHRISTMAS is here and i am veryyyyyyyy excited !!

as informed to you dear reader (yes all 3 of you), this is going to be my (i.e P’s) first Christmas post marriage and this is the biggest festival at my husband’s side and thus is indeed special 🙂

we are leaving for Pune tonight , just in time to get the Christmas Tree out, dust, put decorations, light it up and spread cheer ! i am also so looking forward to the delicious cake my MIL will definitely bake and the am sure AT is looking forward to all the non-veg delights (errr…non-veg food i meant), that awaits him !

the fun of celebrating the festival with family is like nothing else ! i mean what is life without doing things together with friends and family, and my in-laws are both my friends and family, it is going to be double the fun 😀

i mean last night me and AT just got drunk on vodka & rum and slept like logs and despite of all the fun that we had doing that, thats not MY IDEA OF CELEBRATION !

Celebration is : going together to the  midnight mass, the Church where we got married, the Christmas Carols,the extended  family Party,the cake, the wine, the meeting up with all,  the wishes that will float around in person, on phone, on internet are all going to be new and fresh and beautiful this time !

i will be dressed in a beautiful designer saree, an off white silk one with a blue/maroon brocade border and big embroidered paisley on the main border 🙂 will try to get some pics here, promise !


ok, so am all excited (gosh, how many times have i used that word) and in a while AT would be here and we will be driving to Pune and into the warm fuzzy comfort of the family home, and the chilling beautiful weather of Pune and int he arms of the wet smelly dog of ours who will jump and bark in delight seeing us !

as I said, what is life without family 🙂

but before i go, a big special wish for all of you to have a very beautiful & blessed Christmas .


See you on the other side 😀


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  1. Awwwwww 🙂 Am too late but, Happy 2012 and hope you enjoyed Christmas 😀

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