Since I happened to just recollect that I had an old blog on blogspot which I haven’t seen in such a long time that I had even forgotten the URL ,gulps !

Besides , wouldn’t want my , rather our new blog to have the same fate .

Unfortunately though with all sincerity I do write quite a few potential articles which I do consider blog worthy so to speak they never really the light of the day in this case , the light of going LIVE online !

Primary reason for that being that am extremely lazy , yes why else would my doctor inform with grave concern that I am officially part of an “expanding” ( excuse the pun) group of adults in the MORBIDLY OBESE category .

humm , So having survived being told that , don’t smirk it’s almost like being you ” YOU HAVE A TERMINAL CASE OF CANCER AND ARE LEFT WITH FEW DAYS TO LIVE ” I suddenly imagined me occupying the entire door frame and exploding with a loud bang and leaving behind a terrible smell , think post fart after consuming copious amounts of garlic or say worse cabbage ! No I don’t mean to mock anyone here but really isn’t being OBESE on the way to quickly getting High BP, Heart Disease and not to mention DIABETES ??

It had me so worried we actually quit Red Meat and Alcohol totally .(Do Ciders count as alcohol, of course they do , BURP , exchuse puhlease !)

A few days after this breaking news happened , there was an over-drive of activity and I managed to loose a miserable 2 kilos , now how much difference does that make to a HUGE , TUSKER FEMALE like me , nothing ! It’s not even a drop in the ocean I say .

But yes , it’s a start , at least I thought it was , now 15 days later am sure have piled them back on and some more .

Living alone , being unemployed , loving to read and write and being a FOODIE and an aspiring cook certainly does not help !

So , what I give up ? No !

I have come up with many means to loose weight and soon , amongst them I choose to share my most precious ones :

  1. Eat less amounts at smaller intervals – easy as am almost always munching
  2. Stop buying sweets and chocolates and avoid eating those .
  3. No red meat
  4. No alcohol.
  5. Re-Read Rujuta Diwekars Books and FOLLOW the advice.(Do you know we went to the same college? Yes , I do know my fair share of celebrities )
  6. Keep chopped veggies and fruits available for hunger times .
  7. Follow something resembling a healthy daily schedule to discipline my HUGE ,lazy body after years of neglect .
  8. Don’t be too harsh on myself , we all go through shitty times in our lives !
  9. Remind myself daily of the various benefits of weight loss , apart form teh obvious onslaught of “OMG ! U REALLY HAVE LOST WEIGHT” via social networking sights of pics taken from “slimmer angles and uploaded with the precise purpose of receiving ego massages , so stupid isn’t it , but yet I am extremely gullible and regularly fall prey to these cheap tactics !
  10. Explore new , FREE ways to loose weight , like – Walking , Running on grass so as not to injure my already over burdened knees , groaning lower back , neck and shoulder muscles and Yoga at home .
  11. Actually use the ZUMBA kit I instantly ordered via an extremely tempting tele- sale commercial back in India and which has traveled the Indian Ocean and come here home with me to U.K and is gathering dust .
  12. Hopefully improve our “bedroom” experience when the tummies do not collide or come in the way totally , I know , I know sounds horrid but it’s true 😦
  13. Post new blogs DAILY to garner MASS support that am not ALONE and FAT and there are others who live in SIMILAR GUILT .

Well , hopefully these shall at least help me and my dearest hubby who according to him has the BIGGEST Belly at his workplace (how I wish it was the Biggest Pay Package πŸ˜‰

Ok , so now am going to don my walking gear , plug my headphones in , blast some OLD Hindi Bollywood songs and walk till I drop ,phew !

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