Mark Darcy ….sighh… Colin Firth …double sigh…

Just fresh from having watched the sequel to Bridget Jones Diary , The edge of reason was all that it promised to be and some more , after all how can one not appreciate Bridget’s parting dialogue about her believing in love even at 33 and with a bottom the size of not one but TWO bowling balls ! Oh, God I was in splits with that parting one liner! Me too being 33 (yes that IS my age) and well not single but well able to identify with what Bridget must be thinking, I was quite tickled with her quirky way of thinking and found her endearing with her seemingly harmless goof ups and frank opinions that she dropped on all and sundry, sort of like a breath of fresh air amongst all the other fake eye lash using “American Stick Insect” thin types!

But what most struck me through the course of the sequel was the FACT that many women do grow up dreaming of a Mr. Darcy, at least I did, especially just after reading Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice.

The whole fact that he is understated , handsome , intelligent and of course the unmistakable chemistry between him and his lady love in spite of all the “Prejudice”

At this point it’s worth taking a moment to think about the author who created this character and set it so well that it inspires generations till date – indeed – Jane Austen – found a website dedicated to her -

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