Nectarines !

If you have NEVER eaten one and are in a country / continent that makes it available I certainly recommend eating this beauty of a fruit .

It was love at first bite ! The juice literally dripped from every corner , ummmmmm.

In fact , am so much in LOVE with this fruit that I have ousted my ALL TIME LIFETIME FAVOURITE Mango – the so called King of Fruits from the TOPSPOT , feels like I am announcing the arrival of some new eye candy female entrant in Hollywood !

It is a spherical shaped , red skinned fruit which is freely available . I strongly recommend not purchasing from any supermarket as they simply don’t taste the same as what an already ripened fruit you would buy form any street market will . The ripen at home fruits available at supermarkets have therefore forever been banished from my shopping list and am currently on the HUNT for street markets that are close by !

I am going to try and add an imagine of a NECTARINE off the internet but am doubtful if I shall be able to do so , thanks to my still nascent or rather non existent skills in using and updating blogs !

Please Note :Images downloaded from Google Images !

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