Steve Jobs – You inspire me ,for now and forEVER

I am sure that I am going to stop playing Farmville on Facebook soon I tell myself , All I need is a job , any job … these and many thoughts which assault my mind night after night and it is to drown the NOISE out that I play the game sometimes so oblivious to the fact that it is infact eating into my precious sleep time .

A lot happens to a persons mind when suddenly one day you are living life in one teh world’s busiest metro cities that too one as magical , fast and varied like Bombay or   Mumbai as it is now called .

I am one such person .

The initial euphoria of moving to a glamorous and beautiful city like LOndon , teh first excitement that happens when one travels and sees one stupendous sight after another have slowly melted into the recent past and now life as it was is moving from one day to another and sooner than later I will be “on sabbatical” for a year , in harsher words unemployed / between jobs , job hunting .

It is for sure that manyemotions flow through me all teh time but the one that is ratherpersistent nowadays is the one which asks me every time I apply for a job , why is NO ONE LISTENING ?

I have 8 YEARS of ROCK solid WORK EXPERIENCE and when I say this , I am not selling myself to a potential employer but simply stating a fact . It was not easy finding an industry that I stuck to , I have worked in many industries and my last job was as an Assistant Manager Marketing . So if any of the employers have doubts about taking a chance on me , it’s not like am a freshie out of college and certainly since I have worked for some big names,I am not a complete wimp ! Hvaing said that , I keep getting advice from well meaning family and freinds saying things like :

“Most people start small when they come here ”

“Forget about India, this is U.K, start afresh ”

or teh most weird one “Don’t have HANG UPS, a sales job or a cashier job is not MENIAL”

I feel sad for people dishing out such advice because I am the same girl that once rolled up her sleeves and scrubbed a store shelf with her store team . I have worked in a kitchen which is by far the toughest service job , so if anything I certainly have dignity of labor and do not “look down” upon any job as too small. But that is not the argument here , the whole point is why ERASE what I have created with such great amount of blood ,sweat and tears – literally ! I gave the 1st 3 years of my life right after I was married to real HARD work in the food retail world .

Now while this game of farmville was happening late last night , I saw the web go ablaze with the terrible news of Steve Jobs passing away .

Here I was desperately seraching google for confirmation on the news and it came bavk the same each time , so it was true . On teh day of Dasra , the festival that triumphs the victory of supreme good over terrible EVIL – the world lost a visionary .

But I gained something so very precious that I cannot explain it in words – call it my optimism, my faith or what you will, But teary eyed this morning as I saw the video if Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement speech for the nth time , I realized a few things I probably knew deep inside but didn’t have the courage to acknowledge .

What he spoke will inspire generations to come as he lives on through this creations and more importantly through what he gave the world in terms of vision.

My favourite quote …..

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.

Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.

And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” – Steve Jobs

Thank You Mr.Jobs , I am listening to my inner voice and I always will.

You gave us the half bitten Apple , for which we shall be ever more gratefull.

P.S: I mean no offence to Farmville lovers , I love the game ,just that am over obsessing oevr it , which isn’t ok , just like over obsessing over anything isn’t good , I also love Facebook, it is a revolution ,it’s my best bet for “get back in touch wid long lost buddies”, it’s helped a lot of my pals do business too .So there ,hope I haven’t ruffled any feathers here !

By M of P,M&S

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