What is the BIG deal ?

i logged onto this space after many days (after my last yellow to be precise 🙂 ) and found this awesome post on being a ‘Religious Nomad’  by M !

and God, wasn’t that what i was thinking the entire day ? and i will tell you why…


I am a maharashtrian Brahmin (A Hindu class-considered to be the top most in the Hindu heirarchy), and have been bought in that cultural background in the last 27 years of my life..aaah, well, lets say from the last 20 years of my life as after i crossed 20,i started living on my own, made friends from all walks of life,met new weird different people…developed my own world vision, an understanding or maybe the confusion of an understanding of this strange world we lived in…

and that’s when Religion started to pinch me..i  could never ever understand the big deal about it..on why would people kill each other on its name  ? why would people not sit,eat,socialise with people from other religions ? why are the lines so rigid, the boundaries so thick amongst religions…


and then i met this wonderful human being, instantly fell in love and could not imagine a life ahead without him…But there was a problem, a BIG problem…the guy was a Catholic

for years we could not gather the courage to tell our parents because we knew the reactions that would follow, but then all fails in front of the yearnings of the heart..

one day, we dropped the bomb and God, all hell broke loose…

our parents cried, cursed,pleaded,threatened suicide,threatened to throw us out of their lives, cried…these were the most miserable 3 years of my life, but they passed..our strong resolve , our steady love finally won and 3 months ago we got married…


and why am i boring you with this ‘dukhi kahani of mine’ ?

Today is DASARA(marathi) or DUSSHERA(hindi) : the beautiful festival of victory of good over evil, of Ram over Ravana ! it is a Hindu festival but…


my catholic husband heard in office and hence got me a 24karat Gold leaf (aapta che paan- which are exchnaged among maharashtrians on dasara day), as thats the custom apparently (to give ur wife a real gold leaf for your first dasara)..

my Catholic Mother in Law made kheer/payasam and kept the menu Vegetarian today..

my Catholic Father in Law-an everyday non-veg eater happily ate the vegetarian meal without a complaint only coz it was dasara !

so again, what is the big deal about religion ?



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