Religious Nomad

I would like myself to believe that I am a religious Nomad , embracing the good from religions and not subscribing to extremes ,whether the extremes maybe in the form of a practice or may take any other form .

Religion is necessary, I think . Why ? Because there is a supreme power, a creator ,the one who I pray to often and I know he is listening for sure .
There’s only so much that Science can explain but a divine presence which I choose to just call GOD exists in my world , in my mind , in my heart. I pray to him whenever and wherever I am .
I don’t need a temple , a church , a gurudwara or a masjid to go to , though I love going to all these places .

I find extreme peace of mind sitting on one of the back benches on a quite afternoon at Mount Mary’s in Bandra . I then walk to the beach and listen to the waves crashing on the rocks and I feel god’s presence just as strongly as I felt it inside the church .

I go often to Haji Ali , the walk to the Darga is beautiful , the sea surrounds it and when inside I know ALLAH is listening , he is there , for his children , he knows all ,he sees all, he dries wet eyes , he comforts troubled souls.His soft wife whispers it seems to those who have faith.

I sit inside Siddhivinayak Temple , close my eyes and I feel Ganpati Bappa is listening intently to what I am saying , he is there , his divine presence envelops me .

I go often to a Gurudwara now in London , as I climb the steps to go inside , the atmosphere seems to change into a calm ,quiet and beautiful world , as God welcomes me into one of his lovely homes. If one sits there quietly and looks around ,one knows God is here .

If I was 3 I would be allowed to ask , if God is everywhere and God is one , why then do we fight each other claiming to be following his words. Can’t we see that selfish people use common people as pawns to fight their wars under the cloak of religion . They use us , they manipulate our people and pit us against each other , we loose loved ones , we loose faith in each other , only the bad guys win .
But I am not 3 .I do not ask such questions to anyone. I only pity herd mentalities and extremists of all sorts.If nothing GOD yearns us to have TOLERANCE of each other at least.
I am who I am …Just a religious nomad , all I know is GOD EXISTS .

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We are we still need to explain ?
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