yellow !

Yellow !!! (is my Hello !)

i am not going to say I am back and all that related crap coz i had gone nowhere . Been buried in work DOES NOT count as been away…
Been away should mean gone for a vacation, or taking a break to produce kids or get married…errr, not in that order though ;p
or been away should be taking a sabbatical, following a passion, chasing a dream…

so, in short : i was here only,gone nowhere 😦

but i missed you my lovely blog (and the invisible readers i imagine !)
and so the minute i could lay my hands on my hubby’s laptop, thought would say a quick hello and assure you am around. kicking some serious ass at work (and sometimes getting kicked right back.. ;p)

so have been busy, but will be back, and back for more…have a dozen things to say to you 🙂

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We are we still need to explain ?
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