My Moods – as predictable as probably the English Weather! By M of P,M&S

It’s a perfectly GREY English day and all I want to do is drink endless cups of ginger flavoured pipping hot tea, continue reading ,my latest juicy crime novel (Cross Fire – James Patterson , somehow every word I read , my mind is visualizing Morgan Freeman in a movie that’s yet to be made , well of course he did star is the movie adaptation of Kiss the Girls by the same author ,anyway …)But alas , it is not to be as I have a zillion job sites to update as I do as part of my daily job hunting routine.Then there is the never ending chores to be attended to at home .

Amidst all this madness have to find time for things I love like day – dreaming , going for long walks and clicking pictures of whatever takes my fancy , try my hand at cooking up new recipes , read new and interesting blogs (somehow prefer them over new books by new authors form the Library ! strange but true , after all there’s so much new talent in the blog and even if they are “self – published ” they are surely WORTH a read I’d say !),and of course all the other things that fall into the very vast spectrum of “personal and pleasing activities ” , phew what a tough life I say !

When I started logging into my computer right now to write this small blog piece it was raining cats and dogs and had to run and shut the window as the wooden blinds were getting all wet and drippy and now about 2 sentences later , the SUN is out and bright and cheerfull !

I guess that’s why I choose to title the piece what I have , after all my varied moods can only be compared to the unpredictable yet likeable English weather !

So to celebrate the sometimes grey skies and the fact that I like blogging am now going to sink my teeth into yummy homemade Dhokla and wish I had gone out earlier to buy milk , never mind , more dhokla and with tea for company after a few hourse !!! (Everytime I say , think , write or speak about Dhokla , I am reminded about Kareena Kapoors scene with Amir Khan in 2 idiots when she is slightly tipsy and is flirting and trying to get Amir Khan to smooch her and she says ” tum gujrati log kitne CUTE ho , tumare khane ke naam bhi kitne interesting hote hai – DHOKLA, FAFDA ETC ETC …aaj India ne so and so country pe 1 kilo DHOKLA giraya” ROFL , I simply love it ! – for those who don’t understand my hindi typed in english – it simply means , that Gujrati food stuff has names like Dhokla and FAFDA which sound like names  of bombs being dropped here and there !)

Ok so now before the SUN decided to vanish again and before I get a migraine because my “dhokla ready tummy” is growling loudly I better sign off and come later and tell all of you about my latest pet PEEVE , ssshhh not now , wait for a bit , won’t you ?!

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