Our Blog Post was copied

To all our readers , followers  present and future .

We are new to the world of blogging . Still little fledglings , struggling to take baby steps .

Yet equipped with many ideas , we love to write , we love to read other inspiring blogs .

This is just to thank word press for creating a spam filter and also for helping us know that one of our recent  blog posts –  From “DEFENDANT” to a DIY life – has been copied word to word on some trashy website , which we think is the worst form of plagiarism .

We wonder if you cannot be original then DON’T be at all ! Also ,though we would like to brush this aside and ignore it and think ” wow, this blog post was so good ,some one actually copied it” .Well, we are not naive , gullible or in our teens or stupid to say the least ! And honestly the website that copied us is of questionable repute anyway which .

So dear fellow bloggers please beware , protect your content , do also share any brilliant ideas regarding protecting blogs .

Soon we will install a software that prevents right click and then discourages any copying of content in whole or part .

It was scary to see what happened ,nevertheless we have learnt from this and will do all we can to protect our new blog .

We do hope that one day we too have posts that we are proud of and that people do pass our blog link around as something that is worth reading .

Keep Blogging and stay insured against plagiarists !

By M,P and of course S the 3deviyaan !

About 3deviyaan

We are women...do we still need to explain ?
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