Movie Marathon at Cineworld Feltham and how it affected my digestion;)

Succumbing to utter boredom due to being unemployed even after “really trying” (ahem !) to land a job in my new country of residence United Kingdom , this bored Bombayite alias Mumbaikar decided that something concrete had to be done to conquer boredom . So one such “boring” Saturday when my hubby decided that he had to go and watch the Judas Priest concert somewhere in London , I was left all to myself ! Now during the week it’s fine as my brain is prepared to deal with being at home alone and I busy myself with cooking , cleaning , surfing the internet and very recently BLOGGING ! Also as it is summer I do go for long walks at odd times by myself to the “common” which is a huge land with many trees and walking trails and also an artificial man-made pond with ducks and a variety of birds, it’s crazy beautiful actually and the local residents do come here ,more so now that it’s summer to walk their dogs, read , fish and snooze or simply pack a  family picnic and spend the better part of the day lounging around , also the lone birds do come with a book and a picnic blanket and snooze off with their spectacles on !I do at times find new places for my evening walk and on one such exploratory walk I chanced upon a heavenly visual treat called Holland Gardens , it’s nestled amongst magnificently large ,sprawling typically modern English homes and is serene to say the least . It’s also extremely well maintained , open to general public though one part is private and only for local residents who have paid access to a clubhouse and tennis courts.

But Saturday’s are reserved for hubby and me to do our new found favourite activity of sight-seeing . We pick a new spot by researching it on the internet the main criteria being that it should have free access or a minimal amount towards entry free and of course it should be a place of either some sort of historic importance or a small hillock that we climb for exercise and the feeling of getting away from the city .

Since hubby dearest had deserted me I had no option but to ponder on some way of killing time and yet having fun ! To my rescue came our new pals M&S , they live in London too and are big time movie buffs ! Also they are our pals and very nice people at that ! They spend most Saturday’s watching new movies back to back at a Multiplex in Feltham part of the Cine Cinemas . I too decided to do the same and after they helped me with making an annual pass which at a nominal monthly fee allows one to see unlimited movies , we were all set !

So first on our list of must watch was ZNMD- Zindagi Na Milegi Doobara ! Though both of them had seen it earlier , they were sweet enough to accompany me again ! it was quite movie , very similar to the Dil Chata Hai type but yet no up here in the same category as I still can go back and watch DCH multiple times though cannot ever imagine doing that with ZNMD !( Although I must admit I am a crazy fan of Farhan Akhtar and fell in love with all over again after Kartik Calling Kartik and simply loved how he quoted his father Javed Akthar’s haunting poetry , also worth mentioning is the bit size but power packed performance of Naseeruddin Shah who I revere and hold in demi-god status especially after his crackling performance in  A Wednesday and yes to disagree that Hrithik Roshan his acting “abilities” aside was an absolute eye candy , a  “dish” whatever you choose to call him and for the menfolk the cutie pie Katrina Kaif who smiles just continues from her shapely lips and goes right into her twinkling eyes and mesmerizes all those who see her once ! and last but not the least SPAIN – what a place , of course no plans of going there during the mad tomato smashing fest but it’s on TOP of my must visit countries !!!)

Whilst watching movies we were struck by recurring hunger pangs and I wished hard that my all time fav movie time snack of samosas would be magically available and I visualized myself biting into  a tasty hot samosa with various yummilicious chutneys ,but alas , it was not to be …so we had to stay content munching on nachos and the way M liked them with loads of Jalapeno Peppers ! I happily gorged on these spicy but yummy hunger stopping snacks to my heart’s content with rather disastrous results the next day . I actually felt for a whole 2 minutes that night back home as if my entire digestive tract was on FIRE , no amount of water helped and of course I didn’t think of an antacid much later in the night only to discover that I didn’t have any (mental note – BUY and stock some up !) and therefore had to just sleep it off and suffer the next day . Most of the following Sunday was spent hearing lectures about the vices of junk food from my well-meaning better half who incidentally sports a nice little beer belly 🙂

Oh now coming back to the movie marathon thingy ! The 2nd movie we saw was SINGHAM , an Ajay Devgan starrer , highly avoidable if you ask me , (But just because I am eternally in LOVE with Ajay Devgan , the original deeply brooding type ,speaks more with his eyes and can REALLY act and how ! he made the movie watchable and his power packed dialogue delivery really did capture my mind for many bits !!!) a total rip off on Dabaang which it really enjoyable ,no brainer kind of Hindi out-and-out entertaining masala movie , dance number ! The high point was of course the end which I welcomed more so at the thought that I finally could exit from the movie hall and get some fresh air 🙂

But all in all I must say that having watched 2 hindi movies one after the other I did feel really relaxed ,happy that I wasn’t missing out on what my entire set of family and friends also watch back in India and also because though Singham is a trashy movie it did get me thinking about India, patriotism and about the high levels of corruption seeping out of every pore of every fabric in my beloved homeland . It saddened me and as M&S and me had a very long and heart discussion over some KFC food regarding India’s future I asked them the inevitable question , “Does coming to U.K , for better career prospects make you feel that you have contributed to India’s brain drain and have shirked away from being and aiding the movement I call as INDIA RISING?”

Some very interesting streams of thought emerged as a result of that question and the thoughts that I liked very much are :

Though we were living in India and were part of the so-called “Thinking Generation” , what did we actually do that was helpful to make any shift for the betterment of our India ?

Though we all comment , debate ,discuss and get mad about , is there anything that we can really do about the corruption back home in India ?

Is it true that we have “Escaped” from it all and are now “happier “?

Well,simply put , if we shift the location of this movie marathon to Mumbai we would have debated in very much the same manner minus of course the guilt of being away from our country physically !

We still would have continued to do the same things and lead he same life that we do every single day and only thank Anna Hazare in our minds and via FB status updates for trying to bring about change .

So taking comfort in that thought and saying to ourselves that we were not “game changers” but just commoners , yes exactly like the “Common Man ” ( all thank’s to the clever mind of R.K.Laxman that  created this iconic cartoon that is now etched deeply in the minds of all who have read or seen the strip and has truly managed to capture the essence of India via his small but packed-with-punch cartoons ! featured daily in “The Times of India “, we were a part of the madness and now we had just shifted to being remote observers of the madness !

So much for a relaxed Saturday spent watching movies and messing with my delicate digestive system that could handle SPICY food thanks to years of practice consuming spicy curried and rasams !







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