This is a name that one fine day just cropped up in my mind and I just had to read up about her .In spite of the many negative depictions that exist about her , I am one of her admirers .Imagine a lone woman all those years ago ,being executed and being labelled a
“double” SPY. During her execution she FACED her executioners , refused to be tied ,refused to be blind folded , what exceptional courage the lady displayed . I cannot for imagine standing facing a firing squad and all dressed in finery and then watching as fatal ,deadly bullets zoom towards me and yet manage to breath , not try to flee ,hold my ground …… oh god,unimaginable to speak the least .

The whole concept of a femme fatal , a lady who was a beauty , enchantress, dancer, courtesan and of course operating as a spy and finally convicted,imprisoned and executed. There are many versions that describe how she dressed in her cell and what she said or did and how her body collapsed when she was shot and an officer actually went and placed a gun to her left temple and shot her again to ensure she was really dead . It is proof that even then and even now the world was not ready and still isn’t for the femme fatale types who have a courage of conviction so strong that they may and have faced death staring it in the eyes without blinking an eye lid ! Ok one may argue here that it’s just a very feminist statement written by someone who just probably dislikes men in general or has a problem with male authority , but hey stop right there because I do know for certain that what I have said is true and that even in our so-called “Modern” world women every single day in every part of the world fight their personal wars and battles with male egos who are insecure and cannot digest the fact that women are not only capable of walking at the pace as men but also well capable to running ahead . Yes there is of course the thankfully small but very much present set of men who as fathers , husbands , brothers or rarely as bosses not only encourage women but also hold their high in pride seeing them succeed.

I know it’s quite a huge leap moving from speaking about Mata Hari to a whole series of thoughts on feminism , but such is the power of her character even now that it doesn’t fail to set into motion all these fiery thoughts in one’s mind .

I do intend to rent the video of the movie starring Greta Garbo  based on Mata Hari’s life mostly fictional but worth a watch  am sure .

The links given below are a few that can be a guide to reading up about her :–wasnt-espionage.html

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