Crime TV Shows Buff !

Okay! So I know for sure am not alone on this one , I am a HUGE ,I mean a HUGE fan of Crime based TV shows , I love it when the good guys get hold of the bad guys and especially when the bad guy has been giving “attitude” to the cops all along ! My fav show is Criminal Minds , it’s amazing , I like it so much that criminal psychology seems like a GREAT career to consider only if it was 10 years ago I certainly would have changed course and gone on to become a clinical psychologist . But it’s working on my mind so much that very soon I may just study this extremely interesting branch of study of the most intriguing part of the human body , the brain ! I mean shows like Dexter which are so dark are only an indication of how the mind functions .

In contrast to the modern-day dramas like C.S.I of which of course my fav is C.S.I – Los Angeles of course thanks to Gill Grissom , he is mysterious in a sexy sort of way and of course undeniable his role is modelled on the iconic Sherlock Holmes , so as I was saying in sharp contrast to all these shows that give us a peek into the hugely advanced world of Forensics and how it helps get to the criminals real fast , there are shows like “The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes ” and “Agatha Christie’s Poirot” where the pure power of grey cells holds the whole show . To think that Agatha Christie’s book’s and her imaginary Belgian detective Hercule Poirot continue to enthrall audiences young and old , worldwide even years after she wrote them are proof of sheer genius on her part !

I simply can’t get enough of David Suchet portraying Hercule Poirot , he is smart , intelligent and he knows it and the way he reveals all in the end is so very systematic and meticulous just like his personal love for having everything in perfect order always  to the point of being a patient of OCD , almost like Monk !

I do love Sherlock Holmes too but what always puts Hercule Poirot ahead in my list of fav’s is the fact that Holmes (INGENIOUSLY and simply fanta-fabulously portrayed by Jeremy Brett) was a drug addict to the point it almost killed him . But again the sheer genius , clever plots and the whole period drama that surrounds the mysteries of Holmes and his aid Dr, Watson make me bow to the mind that created him , indeed Sir Arthur Conan Doyle .

It is also very interesting to read about the authors and what inspired them to write .

am sure that much like I am enchanted , enthralled and totally mental about watching and reading crime drama , there are millions around the globe .

It is in this fact that I take comfort and hope that someday I too, can  write a “whodunit” and hope that the fictional characters come alive in the minds of my readers such that they set of a whole motion of events that make me write and write and spin one yarn after another of bone chilling crime thrillers .

Speaking of bone chilling there is yet to come a book that captures my mind like the ones written by Thomas Harris , the character of Dr.Hannibal (again portrayed to Oscar winning perfection by none other than the iconic Anthony Hopkins) is so scarily exciting that it never ever fails of ignite my emotion no matter how often I re-read the books or watch the films !

Then there is of course the James Patterson’s Dr.Cross who in his own way sits somewhere in my mind and I of course visualize him in the body of Morgan Freeman , I am currently reading his book Cross Fire , firecrackers from the first page I’d say .


I do want to charge up my laptop and also carry a book and a pen as a back up and go to some place green , peaceful and quite and sit myself down on a picnic blanket , lie down and look at fluffy clouds pass above my head and admire nature and just wait for my criminal characters to unfold , or maybe it would happen all of a sudden at a rail way station , like it did with J.KRowling , I mean anyone who steps into Kings Cross and St.Pancras station on a grey evening and walks through the main entrance and sees the old building , they are bound to be taken back in time to an era where things were simpler , yes maybe even solving crimes was simpler , or is that just my opinion , it sure is because if it had been so simple then dramas like Cold Case wouldn’t exist and we wouldn’t still keep wondering how much better it would have been if Jack the Ripper had been caught .

humm , maybe my characters are waiting for me to go on the “Jack the Ripper Free Walking Tour ” and maybe in those old streets that were witness to terrible unspeakable rape and murders , that my mind shall throw out in unstoppable streams ,my very own set of baddies and a suave old gentlemen cloak et all ,maybe smoking a pipe and raising his hat for women who pass by and of course possessing great powers of deduction …just maybe …..

By M of P,M&S – the 3 authors of 3deviyaan – our blog.

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