From “DEPENDANT” to a DIY Life – By M of PMS

“Hiya” all ! That’s the way the English general population would  say  “Hi “.

I have been meaning to write this post for some time now but it took me a few months to get my “daily schedule” on track.

From having a maid at home who ONLY cooked ALL meals and CHOPPED all veggies for me on weekends and a HOUSE MAID who did the dusting , washing clothes, sweeping , scrubbing loo’s , JHADU -PATTA ( Jhadu means a broom and used to sweep the floors and patta is a piece of dusting cloth dipped in a huge bucket filled with water and a floor sanitizer and rubbed by a maid all over the floor which is comparable to the version of a housekeeper doing it with a big mop and bucket instead )as popularly know in Hindi and WASHED all vessels EVERY SINGLE day , a DHOBI (akin to a dry cleaner except that here he personally goes from house to house and takes washed cloths that need ironing and also offers dry cleaning services ) who just took all the clotehs that needed ironing EVERYDAY and returned neatly pressed ready to wear fresh clothes EVERYDAY , we are now in a country and a city which is by the way ONE of the most expensive cities in the world in erms of not only it’s currency but every single possible ,imaginble tangible and non tangible thing, that we count our pounds and our pence ever much more thoughtfully . But that besides it’s been a huge CULTURAL change becuase in India we do all have access to house maids ,cooks and to the lucky few even drivers , so if we were to continue being in India we would have continued to lol in teh lap of luxury as I describe it now but it’s just the life style of any average middle income indian household in almost all bigger metro cities , towns and in villages as the women of teh household are still not as career driven they have access to all this and TIME . Now Compare that to what the SELF DEPENDANT cluture of the western world is where one has to everything , I mean everything on their own , so what is EVERYTHING ????

  1. COOK daily ,though have started to really turn into a good one now 🙂
  2. Run the washing machine and dry clothes DAILY .
  3. IRON Clothes daily or if both husband and wife work the washing and ironing are piled up for the weekend (what a HORROR , am dreading the day I get back to the corporate world 😦 ….)
  4. Dust the house as often as possible.
  5. Vacuum the carpets .
  6. BUY , store and keep a track of ALL groceries – we rent a flat which is close to central London and therefore abominable rent is what we pay , therefore paying for anyone to do even the vacuuming bit even once a week sounds steep especially on a single income which is not really too much right now , add to it to the fact that to get to any supermarket I either have to walk for almost 45 minutes or take a painfully slow bus ride due to extremely well regulated traffic which is something a Bombayite (one who resides in the city of Bombay now know as Mumbai) or a Mumbaikar is totally NOT used to ! .Also since the flat is a one bed ,hall and kitchen thing with the kitchen being open plan meaning it is actually one room with a sofa and T.V and chairs at one end and a fully equipped kitchen at the other ,in our case fitted with a TINY fridge , an amazing grill and a fabulous washing machine – Thank god !This house redefines my already “metro brain” used to match box houses in Mumbai !
  7. Milk was delivered DAILY at my doorstep, I didn’t ahve to go trudging to a supermarket for it every few days .
  8. I used to read the best NEWSPAPERS every DAY and didn’t worry about it burning a hole in my husband’s pocket or mine , now at a good newspaper going for anything between 2- 4 pounds per copy , I read the online free news sites and try and pick up a free copy ,thankfully available daily at every major rail and tube station.

Now I am not moaning , groaning ,complaining , cribbing , whinning ,lamenting – can’t think of any more adjectives – for no reason here .

Imagine living a happy life of some 30 odd years being used to all these maids and a very doting mother nd then a very sweet and doting mother in law who never once let me enter teh klitchen after getting home form office , what are you left with – well ME Ofcoyrse , but if teh me is a novice in the kitchen and also a novice to doing all these things all alone , it can be quite a physically demanding , emotionally draining task at times !

Yes , the feeling of supreme indeoendance reigns in my heart now and I do feel I can take on the world and all thta but I have yet to experience winter here in U.K and going by what happened last year (it was the coldest winter in a 100 years !) I am not MENTALLY Prepared for this LIFE !

I do realize that the freely available and not so exoensive household gagedtry read – food processor , clothes dryer , automatic washing machine – all are life savers but hey even if a housework robot was launched am not going to be able to afford it anytime soon

Now coupole all this “DIY” ( do it yourself ) LIFE with the utter misery I face when the  festival season starts in India – you get one BIG , FAT , DEPRESSED me ……

But hey hasn’t the season of festivity started already in India , we are now in the holy month of fasting called Sharavan for Hindus and the Holy month of fasting and prayers called Ramzaan for the Muslims and next Saturday is Raksha Bandan , gawd ……what am I to do ???

I was amongst the luckier ones I am informed by my family and friends to ahve re-connected with old pals who I knew really well at some point in my life and thanks to Fcaebook was able to reconnect with when I got to London .

But as I said in this DIY life , weekends are strictly family time and socialising if any happens rarely unless I move to a place where there is a larger Indian Community and am lucky enough to meet like minded people . Now considering that I would be NOT WORKINg and these yet to be found future pals would be WORKING , how on earth would we ever meet ??

Well , am I thankfull to ahve P and S or what , they are not only running this blog with me but they are like my lifeline ! They keep me connected , they keep me going ! So does my peppy set of family members back home !

Did I crib about how “technologically advanced ” I feel the West is and how it makes me feel as I am part of a bizarre scientific experiment by a mad scientist think – the guy from the movie BACK TO THE FUTURE and have been catapulted into the future albeit by flight which seems to be a one way ticket at least for now  , or about there is “subtle but every much there bias” against “ASIAN” people here or how “GLOOMY” the weather gets ?Well , if anything is unpredictable in this world then it’s the English Weather I say .

But yes for now am dealing with a lot , my plate is full with some triumphs , some new found skills – like cooking , and some low points in my life .

But am not one to give up , I am soaking up all and trying to it real fast , I love that weekends are exclusively for me and hubby , that he does not get any work  calls after he’s home , that I have come to a country where English is teh first language , I am after all in London – the huge cultural melting pot where theres a bit from almost all pasrts of the world to relish to those that dare and am not talking only about food  but the culture in general .

I love it too that the biggets museums are free to see, the library where I go free memebership tahnks to a well developed council system allows me to borrow 8 , yes 8 books at a time .

I love it that after 8 years of a hard core sales job and slogging my butt off I finbally got a real break

I am happy that I have time to relax, think , sew , sip a cup of coffee, day dream, sight see, write a blog , read new blogs and read books that have been on my mind for a long time , watch endless movies , catch with old pals albeit online most of the time .

So , if a DIY life is this and more …am certainly not going to crib too much at least for now or till WINTER kicks in 🙂

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2 Responses to From “DEPENDANT” to a DIY Life – By M of PMS

  1. You are totally speaking what am thinking,I lived in Birmingham for few yrs and moved recently to Mumbai. I can so relate to very bit in this post.But everything has its own pros and cons.But a bunch of house help wont hurt , would it :))
    Keep blogging, will be back for more
    You forgot to say Cheers,
    Bhargavi Sameeran

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