A post about my state of mind – M

Today as I began my day at a decentish hour read 8am unlike my usual ultra lazy wake up time of 11 am (!!) , I promised myself that it would be a well planned day and most it would be spent browsing online for a job that I really need and have been seriously hunting for some time now , ever since I moved to London from Bombay .

Though I did manage to do almost everything right for the first few hours , I fell prey to what I call my “extended summer vacation syndrome ” . This particular state of mind has me thinking that am still in school and have 2 months of sunny weather ahead with no homework (the type which involves writing and stuff and not vacuuming. dusting and washing dirty underwear-yeeaccch) .I have been suffering from this syndrome for the past 6 months now and it’s a bit “too much” – as described all well meaning family and friends who support me morally through this “trying” phase of my life of adjusting to a new country , surroundings and people and marvel at how “soon” I seem to have settled in and also are AGHAST to see me looking more spherical in shape every passing day ….

My elder sister who is a doctor and a mother of 2 , incidentally my niece turns 13 today ,PAUSE…. I need a HUGE PAUSE … teenagers scare me as I am sure they do ,most of the adult population , she is a potent combination of beauty , brains , puberty related disorders and delusions which force her growing brain to HATE everything and everyone except her pals, movies , novels and JUNK FOOD , (humm at this rate I have decided to dedicate an entirely NEW post and maybe a BLOG about my niece , or maybe teenagers – shudder, shiver, shake ,shake )well I was saying ,my sister has written me off as “complete waste , a total disgrace and highly delusional ” person since according to her am making “NO EFFORT at all ” whatsoever to improve my life .

To me , I am pleasantly engaged in writing , reading , cooking , discovering my new surroundings , experiencing life , although I must admit gaining 7 kilos over a 6 month period is an indication that my recently “morbidly obese” declared self needs to make an appearance at the next door GYM and real SOON !!!

Anyway ,my so called slated to be perfect day was hardly that , I logged into my g mail account hoping to see at least 1 call for an interview and the 1st email had a misleading subject line in that regard , unfortunately upon reading the fine print I discovered that the person who had described the role of a FRONT OFFICE RECEPTIONIST /COORDINATOR of a small business had smartly made it look like an entry level Marketing Exce position !

Woe …. that was it , from there on my day took a downward spiral and I decided to do as I pleased (not very different from the past 6 month long self imposed HIATUS !)

Therefore , now as I thoughtfully type and sip my 2nd guilt free cuppa of “instant” TEA- (the type one makes by pouring hot water from an electric kettle into a mug containing sugar as desired and a teabag ,one of the many available in the supermarkets and drops cold milk from a plastic milk bottle into , stir stir , stir and CHAI ,rather TEA is ready …no mess, no straining , no boiling , no waiting for the mix to run over and spill onto the sides of the hob , no adding ground ginger and tea masala….basically NO FUSS …I miss my “fussy” Indian TAPRI chai ! ) and munch on a yummy “Coffee Madeira Cake” – again guilt free  (that’s what allows me to freely eat artery clogging food without the fear of dying sooner than my time , not being able to conceive in my late thirties …oooppss now you ALL know am getting OLDDDDD… and certainly not worry about how I “LOOK”) , I wonder to myself ,did  my so called  “PERFECT DAY” unfurl to be all that it promised .

To me , the answer that come is YES YES YES (After all creating a FaceBook and a Twitter account for our blog , do account for AMPLE PRODUCTIVITY )


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