GOD must be a MAN !

Got this in an email forward today :





As I read through each line, a smile started forming on my lips and by the time I finished, it was grinning ear to ear..

One can easily relate to everything thatS written there..especially if you have known a man from close quarters (like been married or in a relationship) for some time ..

As the para progressed, I chuckled, and smirked, and giggled helplessly at some parts, as I related the incidents to Me & Aj.


I have always , ALWAYS been very amused on a man’s refusal to ask for directions, and Aj is a typical man in that way…It reminded me of a funny incident that happened a couple of years ago, the days of our courtship..

So once, when Aj used to Live in Hyderabad, I decided to make a weekend visit…Been in different cities gave us no time together so at every available opportunity, either I will go see him or he will come..so this was my turn…

After a happy weekend of togetherness, I was off to Pune again…to save costs, had booked a train from secundarabad to pune which anyway was just a 10 hour journey.


The train was at 8 p.m.


We had spent a lovely evening at Husain sagar and on our way back home, it started to rain heavily and traffic was immense too..we somehow managed to reach the house, just in time for me to change out of my soggy clothes, gather my luggage and scoot to the station which was just a 20 minutes ride from his house (or that’s what his colleagues had told him and we were banking on that..)


So at, 7.25, when we finally left home, we were breathless and anxious,it was  going to be a close call…as it happened, aj had never been to Secundarabad station before (he used to come to pune by bus)…so he really didn’t know the way,but was confident of the directions given my his colleague sand we set off on his bike…

After around 15-20 minutes of aimlessly driving around, I guessed we were Lost..aj confirmed the worst..we were lost, terribly lost ..

With still around 10 minutes to the departure time, I suggested if we stop near a traffic policeman at the next signal and quickly ask him for directions, we could make a dash for the train..but that’s when the Male hormone comes to bat..Aj pointedly turned down my suggestion..he admitted he was lost, but not lost enough to find out the way..i kept quiet, not wanting an argument just before leaving..


So we went round and round, and round and round the same signal with the same policeman atleast 3-4 times from different directions, lanes & by-lanes..

I figured we had already missed the train and was grumpy…but not my darling aj, he was still confident on finding the road to mystique…


After about 20+ more minutes of driving around, we finally saw a direction board to secundarabad station and aj was triumphant…he zoomed and dropped me right at the doors of the station, and was glowing with self pride till his eyes rested on the big clock that hung right above our heads..8.35 p.m..


And that’s when the Female hormones came to bat 😛


To cut a long painful stream of not-so-nice words that followed later, let me cut in short for the audience..

Apart from been totally Vain, my now husband and then boyfriend is also incredibly lucky ! the train had developed some technical glitch and was running pathetically Late ! Scheduled time for arrival : 9.25 p.m

And which is why I feel, GOD must be a MAN  !

 – p


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