10 things to do in Mumbai Monsoons (in no particular order )


10.Sit  at Marine Drive and marvel at the humility of the Sea…the visible Crabs & the invisible fishes are soothing companions.

9.Climb one of the walkovers on a Highway, and look down upon the crazy traffic zooming below. Enjoy an extra minute, on their behalf !

8.A cutting Chai & a hot Vada Paav with the spicy chutney: a monsoon-must have !

7.Go on a slow drive to Khandala and count the many tiny waterfalls along the way.

6.Request your favorite Rain Song on any of the many Radio Stations, sit back and enjoy.

5.Snuggle your feet under a big cushion, bring in a big cup of Ginger Tea and place yourself next to the window listening to the pitter patter on a rainy afternoon.

4.Share a juicy ‘Bhutta’ with your loved one..Of course under the same Umbrella  🙂

3.Enjoy a big bowl of noodles, hot & spicy, with  a lot of water left in as gravy, with all the seasonal veggies in there..Hell, even top it with cheese ! Ultimate comfort food for the hungry grey evenings.

2.Share a coffee with a dear friend , in an open café, under the garden umbrella and let the occasional rain drop sneak in and sweeten your drink with its beauty.

1.Dip your feet in water at the Juhu beach in pouring rain and let Mother Nature soak you in, head to toe. Divine experience.

Missed something ? Please add and enrich this list.                                                                                                                        -P

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4 Responses to 10 things to do in Mumbai Monsoons (in no particular order )

  1. Shailee says:

    This is great! But, how did you come about the picture? I’m a college student and wanted to use the same picture for a college magazine. Just wanted to know how to contacted Hindustan times and all. Can you let me know?
    Thanks! I will appreciate this so much!

  2. 3deviyaan says:

    Hi Shailee !
    welcome to our space 🙂

    i just googled for some nice pics and this picture came about.I did not contact them for a permission to use this. Since i used it in a personal space and have duly credited Hindustan Times,, don’t think it would be an issue. But depending upon your need to use this picture (in what form, in what ref to contect) you may have to take permissions. Not sure 😦 sorry, couldnt be of more help 😦

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