Deliriously Happy :-)

i have been out…and totally out of action here..coz i have been having a lotttttt of action otherwise in Life !

i am , yes, finally, GETTING MARRIED !

after a love affair or more than 5 years, a struggle for our parents approval of 3+ years, here we are…Finally !

so June 17-18th it is, less than 10 days to go now and as I type this, can feel the goose bumps rising ..this is so exciting..

I had actually meant to chronicle all that has happened or is happening regarding my wedding, but honestly, THERE IS NOT TIME for any of that…or

For anything at all !

Haven’t seen TV in the last 2 weeks, never get around to reading the morning paper completely…have stopped cooking and my OCD has taken a backseat..

On a 20 days notice, pulling together a wedding which has taken 6 years to happen is no mean feet !

And its just me and Him , with little or no parental support..not many friends around to help (M/S are you listening ???)  and the works !

So we (and when I  say ‘we’ its actually 85% ‘Me’ !) have been running around…a Lot !!!

And this saree business is a drag I say…first you spend precious time and even more precious money in buying that perfect shade (and secretly hoping nobody else will wear the same thing in your wedding !)…and then you buy a matching blouse piece..and then a petticoat..and then bangles..the accessories..the hair décor..give the blouse for stitching..go for fittings…get fall-peeko done on the saree…get it roll-pressed etc etc etc…

I could go on and on but am sure you aren’t listening anymore 😉

So you get the picture right, it’s a lot of work ! a lot of IMPORTANT useless work, but when one gotta do it, one gotta do it ..sighhhhhhhhh

And then there are the wedding cards, the guest list, the couriers, the posts, the jewelry, the customs, the preps, the train bookings, the flight bookings, the deciding of a honeymoon venue…also deciding the food menu and so on and so forth.. … (this is me, mostly ranting !)

Most days am exhausted beyond limit to even blink without hurting my eye, but then there are those phone calls..congratulatory, good natured,kind hearted phone calls from friends and well wishers who are genuinely happy for us, who want to know how are the wedding preps going , who volunteer to help (despite of their own impossible schedules), and are always there to pass amsile around..

Ohh that keeps me going J

As rightly said by me would be SIL – these are the most exciting, tiring & busy 2 weeks of my life  and how right she is !

Phew !

But am happy…Deliriously Happy !


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2 Responses to Deliriously Happy :-)

  1. Gaurav from Kolkataq says:

    Came to your blog today from GreatBong’s.By this time you’d have gotten married to the love of your life, and presumably enjoying yourselves in your Honeymoon (where, BTW?)

    Incidentally, it’s my anniversary today, too!!
    Wish you both the absolute very best of life. Wish you both a blissfully happy married life, good health and above all, Peace of mind.

    • 3deviyaan says:

      Hi Gaurav ! thank you so so os very much for all the wishes and special thanks for being the first ‘official commentor’ on our blog 🙂 yes, am married, am back and thankfully, still have my peace of Mind 🙂 We went to kerala for realtive hopping (as he is a mallu) and a small but sweet honeymoon at wayanad & kumarkaon..the place is really beautiful, God’s own country truly ! Wishing you and Mrs. a very Happy Anniversary too ! Hope you guys had a blast 🙂 -P

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