Belle De Jour’s Blog and why everyone MUST read it.

Ok so now my Indian brain was quite scandalised when I saw the TV show here in the U.K called “Secret Diary of a Call Girl “ about a girl who worked as an escort to support her EXPENSIVE education , I was “hooked” – sorry couldn’t resist the pun , so I was hooked onto watching it . About 5 episodes later and totally scandalised, I saw a documentary on BBC about a women who sets to find out if she can consider “ESCORTING “as a profession too, that being the extent to which the TV show glamourised the “business” and surprisingly many women who either worked as or were working as escorts readily spoke about the how’s and why’s of the “business”. The conclusion though was far from what I expected ,thankfully, all the women  interviewed and the lady who was doing the documentary agreed that most women who work as escorts at some point DO get raped, hit, beaten , hurt and god knows what happens to their minds and souls… so then why did Belle do what she did .

Well, she found a way out of her cash crunched life and what set her apart was that she moved on after that and is now a well educated and career minded woman with a healthy life and a partner who knows all about her past and loves her in spite of it or rather loves her for what she has endured and survived! She is now UK-based writer and science researcher .Now imagine how differently this would be received in say an Indian society.

Ok now before you set out in reading her very interesting blog, please do understand that I am not supporting what she did but I am quite an admirer of how witty she is and how innovative she was in her “business” and how she kept her True identity a huge SECRET until some old boyfriend gone sour was about to expose her .But being the woman she is she came out in the open and luckily her friends and family were by her side to support her in this decision. Hope that she would not be judged for what she did because I did not, in fact one of the wiki info links about her mentions a fellow blogger and an ardent fan of Belle’s who got to know who she really was and did not threaten her but in fact helped her keep her secret to the extent that when some newspaper got nosy he informed her and she walked into the office of the rival newspaper and went public.

Well, Belle De Jour or Dr Brooke Magnanti as she is now known as , I bow down to thee for your spirit and the way you have emerged Literally UNSATCHED by whatever “Belle De Jour”  went through .

Her Blog Link is:


The wiki link is:

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