What I miss about INDIA the MOST ….sighhh!!!

Hey there ye all !

I have been meaning to write about this since yesterday but the idea has developed into a blossoming red rose in my mind and the beautiful light fragrance from it is now spilling out onto every word that I will write.

India and all about my life is so full of colour that I miss it every single day every single moment.

I miss wearing glass bangles that clink softly and payal in my feet , I miss my soft chudidar dupattas with crush dupattas lined with shells and beads , I miss my many soft cotton kurtas and I miss wearing all this with dark kohl lined eyes and carrying a multicoloured cotton jhola instead of a leather purse . I know it sounds like a BRIGHT way to dress but I really wish I could dress like this here on any given day and not stand out so much. I am not saying I cannot dress like that but it would just make me look well.. Different! Even at work it was ok to wear bright well pressed cotton kurtas especially form W or FabIndia and yet not look MAD, I cannot imagine doing that in UK!

I also miss the crazy traffic and the colourfull roadside stalls selling everything from lemons to clothes to chappals. Aaahhh My love for buying and wearing multi coloured flat chappals of every possible colour and style is so dead right now , I just want to go to Linking Road at Bandra in Mumbai and buy like 4 -5pairs and yet not burn a hole in my pocket .

I want to go to Juhu beach and feel the breeze in my hair and the sand under my feet and eat a bhel and maybe even a pani puri and go home and eat hot chapattis and sabji made by my maid, a luxury that is not available in UK!

I want to wear clothes that are ironed stiff and nice and come home delivered every day at the same time as was the case back in India but here I have to do it myself DAILY .

I know that all of the above sounds like me cribbing but trust me that sight sounds , the weather and all of these are such large parts of our everyday daily existence that we take so much for granted because it simply is there all the time and only when you move thousands of miles away to a  country that has bitter winters where it is dark by 3 pm in the afternoon , where people are too busy and wrapped up  in their own lives to such an extent that one can never imagine just dropping into the neighbours house for just a drink of tea or unannounced on your way back from work .

I truely and positively do not blame anyone for that though because since everybody here except the super rich live without bais’ cooks, dhobis and drivers , there is no way one can socialize except on the weekends that too after doing the weeks laundry , grocery shopping etc etc . I one other thing i MISS the most is the FREE HOME DELIVERY that any and every baniya will do you in India , compare that with a minimum of 10 pounds as delivery charges is too much to handle !

Gawd……I never in life could have imagined one would miss all these things so very sorely. Yes I was warned by cousins and friends who have flown the nest so to speak years ago and are now “well settled” in “AMRIKA” ! But Hey believe me nothing can prepare one for the AMOUNT of exhaustion that you would face especially in winter when one has to do everything goddamed thing on their own !

My god my feelings for Mumbai and how much I miss it are so strong that I right now feel as if I am sitting alone at the CCD opposite bandstand typing away on my laptop and there is strong sea breeze and even though it’s really warm and humid It’s so beautiful that I am not complaining !

I miss the fact that our cities are NOISY and lively at the same time, I miss the way MUMBAI has a pace a rhythm, an amazing feeling that rushes through your veins every single day inspite of the crazy busy life one tends to live. I am sure even Delhi is like that and Pune surely was close though Pune gives one more time to spare as it really is a much smaller city. I honestly believe that BOMBAY is the best city in India considering that it is an island, it has the most amazing people , it truely is safe for women to go out alone at weird hours and fear anyone as they would certainly in Delhi , also Mumbai has everything that one could ask for , I mean there is only ONE MARINE DRIVE or Queens’ Necklace isn’t it and not to mention Wolri Sea FACE AND …OH I could go on and on and on and yet no do justice to  the amazingly vibrant place that Mumbai is . I had moved from Mumbai in 2005 and was back in 2010. When I came back I had a really rude shock because Bombay had meanwhile seen Floods , serial bombings , Train Blasts and the Terror attacks and the people were not as warm as they used to be …but you know after say about 3-4 months I felt I had never left the city EVER , the same old RHYTHM came back into my life , yes I did have to come to terms with the fact that it was not as SAFE as it was before but that holds true for any place in the world , terrorism can take any big city by surprise right ?? One may argue saying that London is very covered by cameras and hence relatively safer and that Americans have learnt a lot after 9/11 and stayed safe after that but hey I believe in our Police and in spite of all the corruption and the other stuff happening Mumbai is still amazing!

Ok basically am love struck with Mumbai city , with all that Mumbai stands for , am so crazy about it that I cannot bear to type Mumbai , My fingers urge me to call it BOMBAY because that was it was and will always be for me . I miss every single place that I lived in but most of all Dadar because of it’s awesome location, ease of transport available within walking distance and proximity to South Mumbai read – MARINE DRIVE! Dadar station is busy, huge and the hub of activity for so many services other than just railways !

Dadar has the most huge marketplace for wedding shopping in all of Bombay. Also it has what I call a truely genuine MAHARASHTRIAN feel almost like Pune but better and only someone who has lived in both cities can understand truely!

But I must say I miss BANDRA the most , it truely is the KING of suburbs what with its young vibrant beat , the street shopping opportunities , the awesome food places , Mount Mary , Bandstand ….sighhhhh……

I don’t know how to or whether I ever want to cure myself of this madness but am not kidding when I say this but I have almost a physical pain when I open my wardrobe here and see the morose greys and blacks and “SUBTLE” other colours .

I miss my random visits to street markets in Pune and Mumbai and I miss being able to a typical Indian.

P.S: In this “I AM MISSING the noises and voices of India” mood , I in my utter desperation surfed up some sites for images of India ,especially Bombay here are some of the links , pictures are awesome…..



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