At 2 in the afternoon one day, I got a call from AJ (yes, my adorably annoying bf ;))..

He was working from home that day till a loud cackling sound broke his reverie and he traced the distraction to our French window’s sill.

There existed this petite thing..

A small pigeon baby, who had fallen prey to the nasty Mumbai crows. She was bruised and battered and tired chasing its predators when she landed at our window sill.

Thankfully for her, AJ was home and immediately got the tiny little life indoors.

AJ now, armed with the responsibility of a helpless life over him, spent the entire afternoon nursing this baby pigeon.

He placed her in the  big cane laundry basket that we have, nestled between folds of a old,warm bed sheet.

 He then gave her water & some rice which it did not eat. Worried how to put food (n life!) into her, he logged onto youtube and  did a research on how to feed a baby pigeon.

He then went in the heat outside to the medical store to buy syringe & gloves to feed her with a mixture of aatta & milk.

She still didn’t eat 😦

Assuming its exhaustion from her fight maybe that is not letting the pigeon eat, he put her in a shoe box where she slept for some time.

Meanwhile, work as well as his own lunch was forgotten by AJ.

In the evening,  he came and picked me up from work  and both of us took the baby to the Doc. (still inside the shoebox with the lid open, breathing heavily by now.)

Doc examined her and opened her wound. The crows had reached her internal organs and the wounds were deep. I could not even bear to look at it, she was almost into half 😦 

The doc was surprised at the deep wounds and the fact that she was still alive. He informed us that her  survival depended on her resistance power, else she will die in the next 72 hours. The doc then cleaned and filled her wounds with some antibiotic cream and dressed it.

The Doc asked us if we wanted to pet the pigeon. After we replied in negative he advised  us to give it to a Jain temple nearby where they take care of birds as we may not be able to take full care of her.

We paid the doc his fees, put the poor girl in the show box, found our way around to the jain temple and left her in good care with the sanatan-dharmi there, with a silent prayer for her survival.

Many a times, especially after a fight, I wonder what am I doing with this untidy, unkempt, slow,lazy, mad,  totally different personality that my AJ is…

And there are incidences like these which answer my question.

Compassion, is a big word and an even bigger quality.

Lucky to have him 🙂 Touche’

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