My New Buddies

After almost 3months of arriving in UK and now really bored being at home and bored hunting for jobs online , having done loads of sight seeing and now feeling gulity sponging off my poor hubby and begging for POUNDS each time I want to do something stupid like SHOP , EAT HIGHLY CALORIFIC foods and other such things  I have started these days when I actually dont even step outside inspite the glorious sunshine and great weather , I sit indoors and sulk and even worse wonder why on earth did we ever leave ebhind our cosy comfortable lives in India and come all the way to England , I mean really why ???

Hence to curb these NEGATIVE thoughts and really cheer me up in a small way EVERYDAY I got myself 4 new buddies !


It’s awesome how small things can cheer one up !
I nowadays wake up and rush to the kitchen to say hellow to the latest additions to our small family ! no dont get any funny ideas no babies yet and certainly no pets ! Just 4 cute plants , I have Coriander , yeah the humble essential for all indian recepies – KOTHIMBIR ! (Thats the Marathi equivalent to the word Corainder,check out the wiki link for more info on Marathi as a language-  )
And I also have MINT and BASIL , mint – why so whenever I plan to make sandwiches which is very often after we moved to UK , thank the simply stunning and mindboggling variety of sliced and pre cooked meats and sliced and chopped veggies and salad thingies available at any supermarket and my many many “ALL DAY OUT EXPLORING LONDDON ” trips , I try and carry as many different and low calorie sandwiches with me to save money and also to save myself from exploding !
Yes I have managed to PILE up so much unecessary weight to the already existing BULK if I may so speak of ! oh god ! But thankfully all the walking that I have to do here every single day ensures that I loose atleast a bit of the bulk daily . Thankfully we have the most tempting , beautiful , welcoming and easily accesible walking area called C H COMMON( Haven’

t spelled out the full name for obvious reasons of anonymity!) just behind our place to which I walk to daily every evening and soak up the sun , now am trying to go in the morning as well ! I have uploaded a whole album on facebook with pics of the common tofor friends and family to enjoy ! Its very well maintained , huge and has many trails that one can take , almost feels like walking through a very tiny jungle , there are many varities of birds that one sees and also many many types of flowering planst , not to mention the man made pond and the huge number of ducks that freely roam around , people even FISH there ! isn’t that simply awesome !

Ok now back to my plants , I have also got a small daffodil plant , and today it has sprouted the cutest , smallest , most deliacte yellow flower , sighh , am so in love with it ! ohhhhhh , I could burst into song and poetry just to admire my new little Daffodil !

You know ever since I have moved here and seen how GREEN this place is , I can’t help but keep thinking how lovely it must have been in the early 60’s 70 ‘s and even 80’s and no wonder then that England is the birthplace of so many awesome poets , I mean if one is blessed with an ability to make prose and poetry happen and there is so much inspiration all around then what do you expect ?!!!

ok enough of my garbling on and on , the whole point is these 4 plants make me happier than seeing the brilliant sun from my windows , they are simply my sweetest companions right now !


signed – M on a unusually BRIGHT england mornin’ yet grey in parts and feeling happier as I post this blog – chirp chirp chirp



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