grandpa’s lap…

Last night, I went home after a long, tiring, hectic day – bone tired, depressed & edgy.
After a cold shower (next best part of the day after food…errr or before food maybe -thanks to the sweltering Mumbai heat !).
 I put the rice to boil for a quick curd rice later and crashed on the bed – wondering where and why the hell is life happening to me !!!!
And then I suddenly remembered the new books that I had ordered from Flipkart and were delivered today..(btw, full marks to them..From the shopping experience to their delivery process its all really smooth and very good !)
Well, so one of the books was ‘POT POURRI’ from Ruskin Bond  and I decided to read it on mainly to distract and hence calm my mind and bring back sanity to my restless soul.
If you have ever being a Ruskin Bond reader, you will know what happens when you read a Ruskin Bond.Its like crawling back into the lap of your Grandfather and listening to him, as he talks about his childhood, stories from the time he was young and the world was a different place..of a time lost, and preserved under wraps…some stories true, some made up, but all nonetheless – very heartfelt !
And that is what happened to me..i crawled into his lap and he whispered in my ears;  of stories about his school, his first friend, the secret tunnel and what happened when Partition happened.
He changed tracks and told me about Susanna’s seven husbands, how beautiful and spunky she did each of her husband ‘mysteriously’ died and I chuckled to myself ..and then we went on to a story called the ‘Pari Tibba’ (or the hills of fairies) which is about a beautiful lone hill in Himalayas where little fairies and mysterious little people lived, friendly and beautiful and mysterious  with only love in their hearts…
I drifted to this magical land with him only to be woken up by a shrill door bell an hour after …
Me dream was broken and I was thrown back into reality, but this time, I had a smile for company and this warm fuzzy feeling in the heart of knowing a secret, nobody else knows 🙂
Whoever said, anybody who has a book in hand, is never without a friend, is absolutely true !
Fuzzily – P

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