Bandra Bandstand

2 years of my college life were spent roaming the many streets of Bandra .It is a suburb of Mumbai (I somehow still keep reffering to Mumbai as BOMBAY , it has always been that way and it will forever remain that way !) very close to my heart and today in my mind my soul is dragging me and I feel like a skeleton sitting on this chier as I type while my mind and soul are walking barefoot (chappals in my hand ,it’s been ages since I wore chappals …) on the promenade of Bandra Bandstand ….

I can feel the wind in hair , softly whistling a long lost happy tune , I can smell the humid , hot yet welcoming Sea Breeze and I am smiling to myself .

My pal G is walking with me and he too is smiling a lot …

I must call him and tell him how much I miss having endless cups of tea and maska paav with him at that small little place on the way to Mount Mary Church .

By the way , Mount Mary Church is the one place in the world where I have truely felt God’s presence , in my lowest point in life ,..I have gone there to pray and got a rosary home and kept it safely in a small purse . I know for sure that god is listening to my silent prayers on bent knees inside Mount Mary Church . Such is the splendour of the Lord above that no amount of description can ever explain what one feels whilst inside that beautiful , big and calm church . It is one of gods loveliest homes . I truely ,madly, deeply miss Bandra and all its colorfull yet calm , crowded yet secluded places .

It is truely Mumbai’s MOST happening suburbs …

P.S: Images are borrowed from Google Images !

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