an informal guide to Corporate Survival !

I had written this survival guide to ‘M’ almost a year ago when she had just shifted to Mumbai in a corporate role and was getting jittery with this whole new, mean,mad world known as the ‘Corporate World’..

it is actually no big shit, it just that the atmosphere is too intimidating..but slowly & steadily, we all find out feet …!

anyway, without further ado, here goes ..

I hope u find enjoy reading it & find it just a little, teeny weeny useful !

  • Approach a new place with a clean mind.. empty all assumptions and presumptions and let your mind be a clean slate (e.g if I would have listened to all those who said ‘XYZ’ (my current company) is a lousy place to work, I would have totally missed this opportunity. But thankfully I didn’t and I DO NOT regret it at all)
  • Take your time to absorb things. Don’t go by first impressions (a mistake I did) and beware of people who put too much of gyaan in ur head (they are usually ALWAYS pushing their agenda through you –especially true for HO guys)
  • Go by instincts. Especially while finding a new house, jumping into transport in Mumbai and trusting colleagues at work.
  • Always wear a big smile. It defeats even those out there to cut your throat.
  • But at the same time, know whom to show those Cat Claws to !
  • Never-EVER allow ANYONE to walk all over you , especially WHEN you are New. Admit your mistakes, but don’t let that be a reason for somebody to torture you all the time – especially in a Corporate House where it is all about ‘Monkey Passing’
  • Learn whom to pass the MONKEY to,if it shouldn’t be on you (unnecessary, unimportant work). And don’t feel guilty about it 🙂
  • Be diplomatic. Avoid any direct-pangas with anyone at HO. Put your foot down, but again with a big smile and logic and not becoz you feel it’s the right thing…Still, avoid direct pangas with anyone
  • This is not a front end Job!  you cannot bajao anyone. If you are in a  support function, need to get  work  done cleverly. Not forcefully!
  • Don’t share too much information. Only the necessary!
  • Be proud of the fact that you are new to this. Give puppy dog looks and get your work done through others 😉
  • Make a few good friends (office friends/colleagues/partners in crime types), who NEED to be as smart as you. It shows strength & team working.
  • Don’t do too much office gossip. Just occasionally, just to be a part of the circle.
  • And finally – Don’t break, that you cannot Make !

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