SPRING Has Arrived !

Oh yes as rightly declared by my sister in law who is soon to become a permanent UK citizen (do you know that one has to take a written test about the HISTORY OF UK to finally get a red book as the British Passport is famously known as !, Blimey ! , imagine asking anyone to do the same for an INDIAN PASSPORT ? I wish the day comes when our INDIAN PASSPORT is as coveted as another other “phoren” ones …) Oh what were we talking about ? ahh.. yes that Spring has finally arrived (please readers be warned , I have a way of drifting away totally from the main point of discussion and meandering in imaginary fields and hence fear loosing the original thread of thought ,so to speak , but yes , considering am very persuasive as well , will ensure that hopefully most who start to read these garbles of my mind will finish the para ATLEAST !)

Humm, We don’t need to turn on the heating the whole day , the sun is out for longer periods, I do not freeze to death when I step out of the front door and I can actually DARE to wear ONLY 2 layers of clothes and carry a fleece jacket rather than the winter one which weighs about 5 kgs , no jokes there !

It is actually quite funny the way I actually respect the SUN and know exactly how different it is to not have sunlight all day . The effect the sun has on ones moods is felt only when you can’t see it for long periods. Luckily for me , I arrived in the UK towards the fag end of the winter else I wonder how I would have dealt with the bitter cold , also not to mention it was UK’S most bitter winter in the past 100 years ! What with snowfall et al !

So after having grown up watching Hollywood Films and serial where I have seen Spring , I now get to experience the season as winter throws away it’s bleak white blanket of shiver and cold and welcomes the warm sunny rays and the absolute burst of colour with every tree and shrub blossoming to their fullest glory ! I am already seeing lots of bright pink roses in full bloom in many front yards but as K masi (masi = aunt in Hindi , India’s national language )say they don’t have any pleasant soft aroma like Indian roses , I guess how much ever I like this country my heart will always be in India .

Spring also means that clothes dry faster, I don’t have to think ten times before I open a window during the day and there’s a pep in my step when I wake up and more than happy to step out for anything at all .

I for one cannot wait for spring to come upon us totally as I will be wandering the streets of my neighbourhood to photograph trees and bushes and am lucky to live in a neighbourhood with many huge “ commons” as they are called here which are huge gardens open to the common public hence the name . Of course I have already planned a day picnic to Hyde Park complete with a blanket , a good book , sunglasses , a thermos filled with chai and ofcourse my camera . Only the pictures that I will take at Hyde Park will convince you all of the true power of the season of Spring in its full glory !

Well well,it’s time for my afternoon cuppa of chai , I hate coffee though especially after coming here I have realized that Brits love their coffee, the  darker& more  bitter it is the better the bigger the smile on the proverbial “stiff Bristish Upper Lip”. I for one am a typical desi and cannot do without my chai , call it my poison , my reluctance to change or just too Indian a trait but it’s here to stay spring or not !

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