PMS! heeeeere-we-comeee

Eewy, Duvey and Lousie , the 3 annoying ducklings , well that’s not exactly what the other 2 people who will be part of this BLOG would like to be described as , I guess , Ok let me Try again …

Cough ( helps to build a serious atmosphere for the introduction !)

This is a story about 3 girlfriends ( all straight , no doubts there !) , we met at a time when life was happy , simple , carefree and falling in love was so much easier ! yes , honestly those were un complicated times . But breakups happen and they did with all of us and I guess they were were a huge part of what got us CLOSE , like really really CLOSE .

We have been gurly pals for more than 5 years now and though me , M have just moved to UK , we manage to share well almost all of our daily trivial tales !

So , let me start with Introducing you to P ,S and last but not the least yours Truely moi – M !


P – WELL , Vibrant is one word I love to describe with ! She’s vivacious as she is intelligent and a warm hearted dear . She is smart , sassy , great at networking and muklti tasking at which I fail miserably !

She is madly in love and soon to be married to her BF of many years, who we shall for now and forever know as only AT !

She has started to love dogs and is now almost obsessed with them , she is the only one amongst the 3 of us who has been away from home from a very young age and is therefore very very able to ADAPT to almost any new place !

Like moi , she also has a way with words and is quite a writer when she wants to be one !

Over the years her fiery temper having calmed down like a volcano that no longer erupts she has turned into a ball of fur that one cant get enough of and oh yes she is also the ONE who has the MOST interesting ideas of  “where do we go now” and “ what on earth will we do on such a small budget” type of never ending questions that fox any good set of buddies !

S– She is a softie at heart and the most balanced amongst us 3 and almost always can make sense when the other 2 are stomping mad !

She is also very intelligent , great with her work , extremely helpful to all and one and yes she can truly lend a patient ear to a broken heart ALWAYS . She is also the one who can offer some amazing points of view when P is at the north pole and I am at the SOUTH !

Her smile can put one at ease and she is the glue in this volatile relationship!

With all her feminine charm she can as well share a beer with me and also laugh out aloud , she is up for any mischief always !

M – aah we always leave the best for the last don’t we 😉  Ok if unorganized , haphazard , mad and clumsy all are rolled into one word it would have my picture next to it , me thinks .

Am a terrible cook , a chatter box , a dreamer , a lazy bum and generally an adorable darling !

Ok considering it is rather rude to praise one self beyond an acceptable level , Is hall stop right here and present to you the TERRIBLE TRIO – PMS !

YEAH , those are our names and a popular acronym for  a female condition that is a very real disease for some women and a rather effective excuse to feel FRUMPY at work for most other of us sista’s !!!


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